Walking for a Cause: Eating Disorder Awareness

Walking for a Cause: Eating Disorder Awareness
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See a Two Minute Video: Join Dr. Susan Albers on the walk:

On October 11th the very first National Eating Disorders Association Walk was held in New York City. Individuals directly impacted by eating disorders, their families, friends and professionals marched on the Promenade at Riverside Park. The National Eating Disorders Association is an organization that focuses on developing prevention programs, creating better treatment and helping people find resources, among many other things. They held a walk to raise money and to draw awareness to this very important issue.

To kick off the events, several people spoke including the CEO of the organization, Lynn Grefe, a mother who had lost her daughter to an eating disorder and another mother who struggled with an insurance company to obtain coverage for her daughter's treatment. Their words were a reminder of the personal, financial, physical and mental toll eating disorders have on people and their families. Emme, the plus sized supermodel, TV star and eating disorder ambassador walked with the group. She gave an encouraging message of hope.

Why was I at the New York City walk? As a professional who treats eating disorders, I am thankful for the National Eating Disorders Association. I send individuals and families to their website for resources, they sponsor eating disorder screenings, provide prevention materials, hold an annual conference and help people get connected with treatment. They watch the media and call them on ways in which they may be contributing to eating problems. While I am working with individuals in my office, it is nice to know that there is an organization out there addressing the problem on a national level.

If you would like to get involved in a walk like the one in New York City, see the NEDA website. Want to contribute, see http://www.firstgiving.com/NEDA

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