Walking into 2018 with Gratitude and Acceptance

At the start of every new year, we look forward to the idea of new beginnings. Out with the old. In with the New. Fresh start. New Goals. Great Ideas. We want change. We crave it in fact. But here is the truth. Nothing can really change on the outside if we aren’t willing to change on the inside. Rather than being so quick to end the year, we must take a look at the wounds that resurfaced again and again so that we could heal them once and for all. And if we are wanting change as badly as we say we do, then we probably aren’t as ready for it as we think we are. Why? Because if we are so attached to things being different on the outside of us, then on some level we are sending ourselves the message that there is something wrong inside of us.

The goal isn’t about making lists and setting new outward resolutions so that we can feel good about ourselves. The goal is simply to feel good about who we are now and become more aligned with our soul. The soul doesn’t wish for circumstances to be different, but rather it basks in the gratitude of all that has occurred. It simply knows that everything that has happened was for the purpose of our growth and expansion. It knows the more we are committed to taking full responsibility for our growth, the more it can experience genuine joy, love, freedom and connection. This passed year provided us with the opportunity to complete and finalize what we no longer wish to experience.

Since 2017 was a 10 year. (2+0+1+7=10), it was a year of getting complete with our old stories, disappointments, hurts and limiting beliefs. It was the year to notice where situations were on repeat and become really attuned to how we participated in our old stories. We can learn this through witnessing ourselves with love and compassion. This is the key to true transformation and healing. The goal for this passed year was to to dive even more deeply into the inner work and look at where our soul is saying, “I clearly see why this has or hasn’t happened. I’m grateful for the learning and the lessons and now I’m ready to be complete with this.” We know we are complete with the lesson when we are able to respond with acceptance and gratitude rather than resistance and frustration.

So what is your soul asking you to be complete with so that it can flourish?

I had to look at where I was still carrying around old thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors that were keeping me feeling stuck. The following are just a few areas where I intend to make these completions. Perhaps they will resonate with you.

1. Releasing thoughts that bring me further away from my joy and my purpose such as “I’m not worthy” or “things will never go the way I’d like them to.” The truth is just by being here, we are worthy of following our heart and we already have everything we need within us to do so.

2. Setting boundaries and protecting my energy. I am committed to engaging only with those that encourage me, lift my energy, and support me on my path.

3. Releasing any pain that is still tied to my past. I am grateful for my willingness to feel the pain so that I could heal it. When we don’t give ourselves permission to feel our wounds, we don’t allow space for the light to enter in and more importantly, we continuously block the joy that is already within us waiting to be experienced.

4. Releasing attachment to things and people. I will not define my worth, identity, safety and security with anything outside of me. All that I need is within me to feel fulfilled and complete. This is the meaning of true empowerment and being unattached to outcomes and things fuels you to lead from the heart rather than the head.

5. Forgiving myself and others so that I may free up energy to welcome in new people and circumstances that are more in alignment with my truth.

Once our completions are made, we are able to move into the new year with a clear foundation of what we desire to create. Making these completions also clears the space for us to tap into our true feelings. 2018 is an 11 year (2+0+1+8+11) 11 is all about intuition and synchronicity. It’s the year to feel into our intuition and into where we are being guided to go next. Rather than making a list of goals for the new year, ask yourself what you would like to feel throughout the year. Be specific with your feelings. Is it joy, ease, connection, love, prosperity, adventure etc.? Release the way that it needs to look, hold on to the way you desire it to feel and allow the Universe to do the rest.

May this New Year bring you out of your cocoon and allow you to fly so that you can create all that you wish to experience.

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