Walking Meetings: Why You Should Schedule A Conference On The Move

Why You Should Schedule A Walking Meeting

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We think it's up there, but before we judge too harshly, consider: There's value in what this duo is doing.

Walking meetings, which are exactly what they sound like, offer the perfect opportunity for change of scenery while amping up your productivity at work. Amy Jo Martin, founder and CEO of Digital Royalty and Digital Royalty University, believes that meetings with movement create a better working atmosphere. She and her employees schedule pow wows on the go and find themselves to be more focused, efficient and creative.

There's no need to feel guilty stepping away from your desk. In fact, quite the opposite: Studies show that taking short breaks throughout the day can actually help you do your job better. It's in your (and your employer's) best interest to take a break.

If you can get outside, even more fantastic. A little taste of great outdoors will reduce your stress and might even make you happier.

Plus, sitting in the same place all day (re: behind your computer) can leave you uninspired. A walk outside will provide another layer of stimulation, Martin says, and it's great trick to enhance your creativity. Little diversions, like catching sight of a beautiful bird (or, let's be honest, an artfully organized garbage can, if you're a city worker) could be the spark your brain has been waiting for to unleash that brilliant idea.

If you're planning to conduct a walking meeting, there are a few keys to keep in mind. Martin advises keeping the group small -- about two to three people (your team might have trouble hearing, otherwise). And if you're the leader of this outing, it's wise to have a basic route of your walk mapped out beforehand. You'll be less distracted and better equipped to talk about the topic at foot.

Lastly, if possible, try to limit the use of smartphones. "It's not easy to walk, talk, have a meeting and be on your phone," Martin points out. One of the perks of this meeting is that it'll removes distractions -- you'll be more equipped to focus, be efficient and clear your head without your phone. Plus, we could all benefit from a little unplugging.

Too overbooked to step outside? Try a standing meeting, instead. Martin says they're "concise and to the point," as people feel a bit uncomfortable wasting time blabbing while standing around in a circle.

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