5 Genius Upgrades To The Walking Taco, The Best Super Bowl Snack Ever

Walking Wings, anyone?

The Walking Taco, more commonly known as Frito Pie, is a work of culinary genius that's largely undervalued the 364 days a year in which the Super Bowl is not played. It's a snack-size bag of Fritos, opened up and filled with chili and appropriate chili toppings. It's portable, it's filling, and it's the perfect football food. Or is it?

What if you took the concept of the walking taco and applied it to other football-watching snacks, like pizza or wings? Well, we found out. In the video above, we've provided you with the inspiration to make a walking pizza, walking hoagie, walking wings, walking hummus plate (because everyone has that "healthy friend"), and walking s'mores. (Another portable recipe for wings can be found here.) Give your favorite a shot this year at your Super Bowl viewing party, and enjoy the hell out of stuffing your face with the contents of these delicious bags.

Video shot and edited by Eva Hill
Story and concept by Kristen Aiken

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