'Walks Like Rihanna' Video Has The Wanted Making Fun Of Boybands

The latest single from The Wanted may be named after Rihanna, but the music video for the track is focusing on an entirely different set of pop idols.

Released Tuesday, the "Walks Like Rihanna" video has Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, and Nathan Sykes imitating major boy bands that came before them -- take a look above.

The boys poke fun at *NSYNC, spoofing the group's "No Strings Attached" album and "Bye Bye Bye" video. They then take on the Backstreet Boys, donning all-white outfits to imitate the group's "I Want It That Way" video. The Wanted doesn't just keep it to American boy bands, also targeting UK group Take That and their "Back For Good" video.

"Walks Like Rihanna" is the latest from The Wanted, expected to be included on the boy band's upcoming third studio album.

"We are really excited about this single," Parker said of the song. "We feel it's a little different from the usual Wanted sound, we've stripped it back to pure pop, it's just a feel-good, fun track. Fun is a good word to describe the video too. Let's just say it's got a lot of character."

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