Wall Flip Trick Shot Off Telephone Pole Is Incredible (VIDEO)

As soon as one basketball trick shot makes waves online, it seems the Internet always has to one-up itself.

In the latest incredible shot, posted in a video Monday, an acrobatic basketball player crosses the court and performs a wall flip trick shot off a telephone pole from 40 feet out.

He makes it on the first go in the video, which shows the incredible basket from three different perspectives, but, judging by the difficulty of the stunt, we imagine it probably took several attempts to perfect the final shot.

The trick shot video was posted by KDPRODUCTIONS7, a YouTube channel created by Kevin Libertowski and Ryan Grauel of Cleveland, Ohio. The two amateur players often perform acrobatic stunts before the shots and use trampolines to up the ante.

And we thought the coordinated backflip bank shot in a pool was the best basketball stunt of the summer.



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