7 New Ideas For Using Wall Hooks (Besides Hanging Up Your Coat)

7 Organizing Problems That Can Be Solved With Hooks

Hooks are the easiest way to keep your home organized. They're easy to install (even more so if you go for the adhesive-backed variety), easy to use and extremely budget-friendly.

Since wall hooks are so basic, you can forget that they can be used for other things besides hanging coats. Here are just a few new uses for these simple accessories.

Use small hooks to guide power cords around the frame of a table, effectively "hiding" them.

hooks to hide power cords
For more photos, check out the post on Hi Sugarplum.

Position hooks to create an iPad holder.

Find more info via Reddit Lifehacks.

Use adhesive-backed hooks to hang party decorations without damaging furniture or walls.
hooks for hanging
To find out how this look came together, visit 3M's Smart Projects hub.

Place two hooks on either side of a box of foil or plastic wrap to make a dispenser.
food wrap dispenser
A Real Life Housewife for Ask Anna came up with this great idea.

Create a trellis to help support delicate plants.
hooks for gardening
View the step-by-step tutorial over at 3M's Smart Projects hub.

Make a "gallery" for your child's artwork with the help of pants hangers and wall hooks.
artwork hanger
See the whole playroom makeover at Be A Fun Mum.

Organize gift wrap rolls by creating a holder from two hooks and a dowel. (It's basically like making a large paper towel holder.)
hooks for gift wrap
For a closer look at the gift wrap station, visit 3M's Smart Projects hub.

For more new uses for wall hooks, check out our Pinterest board dedicated to that very topic.

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