9 Emails Wall Street Hoped You'd Never See

It's 2013, and Wall Street still doesn't seem to understand that emails and privacy typically don't mix well.

Last week, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against S&P accusing the ratings agency of knowingly increasing its ratings on the mortgage investments that helped launch the U.S. into the 2008 financial crisis. In numerous internal emails released with the lawsuit, S&P analysts made claims suggesting that they were very aware of how little quality control was valued at S&P.

This is far from the first time that Wall Street workers have incriminated themselves with emails they assumed no one other than the recipient would ever see. From the infamous "Fabulous Fab" email to Lehman Brothers employees referring to assets that they were publically promoting as "goat poo," it seems people in the financial industry have a knack for making fools out of themselves all over the World Wide Web.

Here is our roundup of 9 of the most incriminating things traders have allegedly said via email:

9 Incriminating Things Wall Street Workers Have Said Via Email