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Wall Street Ignores Media's Fastest Growing New Business

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First-Ever Assessment of "Media Directed Promotion/Event Investments" Tracks $16.7 Billion in 2009 and Projects $400 Billion in 2020.

This week, Jack Myers Media Business Report is publishing our newly recalibrated data on 19 advertising categories and nine "below-the-line" marketing communications categories. An accurate assessment of the media business requires a view of the total $700 billion marketers invest domestically in advertising and non-advertising consumer, distributor and retailer communications. Advertising will represent only 26.8% of total marketing expenditures in 2009 ($188 Billion), with below-the-line non-advertising marketing categories, often called "unmeasured media" representing 73.2% ($513.5 B). These categories include direct marketing, trade and consumer sales promotion, event marketing and public relations. Marketers are drawing from these budgets to fund a growing array of media company offerings that exploit emerging interactive media capabilities. In the industry's first assessment of this shift, Jack Myers Media Business Report estimates that Media Directed Promotion/Event Investments attracted an estimated $16.7 billion to media companies in 2009 and will generate an estimated $38 billion in incremental media company revenues in 2012. While these revenues are included in the financial reports of public media companies, Wall Street's use of future-looking data that excludes this growth sector results in a negatively skewed perspective of the emerging media marketplace. Jack Myers Media Business Report's newly published 2007-2012 Advertising and Marketing Investment Report is available exclusively to corporate subscribers at Jack Myers Economic Forecasts.

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