Wall Street Journal Online Sees Traffic Explosion, Uniques Up 94% Over Last Year Despite Paywall

The Wall Street Journal's Web site has enjoyed significant traffic growth of late, while still managing to keep its vaunted--and some predicted, doomed--subscription model intact. reached 16.2 million unique users in June, a whopping 94 percent increase versus the same month last year based on the company's internal traffic numbers. The site's total page views also surged 45 percent to 150 million in June when compared to last year.

Of course, it was last August when News Corp. agreed to merge with Journal parent company Dow Jones. Then, speculation was rampant that was set to dump its longstanding subscription model and become a completely free site. That speculation was fueled by several public comments by News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, along with the increasingly popular thinking that could not increase its audience fast enough to capitalize on the rapidly growing online advertising market if the subscription model held.

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