Wall Street 'Popping Champagne' Over Watered-Down Financial Reform Bill (VIDEO)

"Maybe this is not going to be so bad." That's the way the New York Times's heralded financial scribe Andrew Ross Sorkin put it when describing the stock market's immediate reaction to the Senate passing a broad financial reform package last week.

Sorkin, appearing on "Charlie Rose," initially didn't agree with his fellow guest Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post, who argued that Wall Street was "popping Champagne" over the bill's holes and omissions.

But as you'll see in this video compilation by HuffPost's Ben Craw, the idea that Wall Street is essentially relieved by the current bill is shared by more than a few people. This news, which was also reported by the New York Times has been making its way around the airwaves of late. And as Congress wraps up the reconciliation of the House and Senate versions of the legislation, you're likely to see more signs of outright relief.



Video produced by HuffPost's Ben Craw