'Wall Street Whitman' Attacks Candidate's Jobs Record

PLAY 'The Wall Strret Whitman' Videogame

Via the California Federation of Labor comes the Wall Street Whitman videogame, mocking what they call "Whitman's record of job slashing."

The game is the latest salvo in what is becoming an increasingly contentious relationship between Whitman and organized labor. According to an AP report, "To Whitman, the unions symbolize California's undisciplined spending, political gridlock and inefficient, outdated operations that are anathema to her corporate sensibilities." The "Wall Street Whitman" game, along with the rest of the media frenzy certain to lead up to the election in November, is part of labor's response to what it sees as a "micro-targeted" campaign to drive a wedge between union leaders and the rank-and-file.

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