NYC's 10 Biggest Paychecks: Who's Overpaid? (POLL)

They're coming out on top, even in a down market. This week Crains released its "Fortunate 100," a ranking of the New York City area's highest-paid executives at publicly-held companies. Though pay for these high-flying execs was down 36.7 percent last year on average, the Big Apple's most prominent CEOs are still bringing in millions.

There are some familiar names here, including the heads of several companies that have received billions in TARP funds. The top paid TARP executive is Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein, who received a pay package worth $42.9 million, according to Crain's.

Crains calculated its rankings by examining SEC filings, salary agreements and other documents. Their figures include base salary, stock options, perks and other forms of compensation.

In a year during which billions were spent on government bailouts, the larger question is, of course, whether or not these CEOs earned their paychecks. Which Wall Street big wig is most deserving of his paycheck? Read Crains' story, or view our slideshow of the 10 Biggest Paychecks On Wall Street and VOTE below:

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