Wallet With $10,000 Left In Laguna Beach Returned To Owner By Good Samaritan

Ten thousand dollars in cold hard cash could give even the most honest of people a case of sticky fingers. But one Good Samaritan in Laguna Beach, Calif., proved that honesty is always the best policy -- no matter the cost, LAist reports.

This week, a restauranteur from Newport, Fla., accidentally left his wallet and the $10,000 in it on a bench in Laguna Beach.

According to NBC, the businessman had just withdrawn the sizable amount of cash to pay a contractor. After sitting on a bench to drink some coffee and make some phone calls, the man forgot about his wallet when he stood up to leave, the Laguna Beach Patch reports.

Thankfully for him, a Good Samaritan found the wallet and turned it in -- with no money missing -- to lifeguards, who then contacted the police, ABC reports.

The owner of the wallet said he was "shocked" that the money was completely intact and expressed a desire to thank the person who returned it. Unfortunately, police say the individual who turned it in wanted to remain anonymous.

"It's nice that someone did the right thing like we'd expect and turn in this money, especially in times like this," Laguna Beach Police Lt. Jason Kravetz told ABC.