Wally The Angora Bunny Is Your Ultimate Summer Hairspiration

Wally is an Angora rabbit from Massachusetts with an astounding social media presence and a pair of delightfully furry ears.

This bunny is less than a year old but already has over 80,000 Instagram followers. The account, run by Wally’s owner, Molly Prottas, chronicles the activities and trendy hairstyles of this delightful little creature.

While Wally’s shorter hair and long ears certainly make a fabulous statement, function comes before fashion for the little guy. Angora rabbits are known for their long, soft wool, which requires routine grooming to avoid matting, Prottas explained to The Huffington Post.

“They’re just beautiful, big, puffy, soft clouds of bunny,” she says of the breed.

However, Wally gets extremely anxious when being groomed.

“I reached out to a rabbit expert who recommended trimming [him] down,” Prottas said. “Ever since then I’ve kept it short -- it’s less stressful for him.”

Wally likes to play both outside and indoors, but in rabbit-proof rooms of Prottas' house and under close watch in her fenced backyard. Among Wally’s hobbies are sitting, lying down, standing, hopping and posing -- sometimes with a stuffed animal pal.

Mostly, though, Wally is just busy being cute.

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