Shopper Photographs Apparent 'Clearance Conspiracy' At Walmart

But the company denies it's deliberately misleading customers.

A Reddit user recently uploaded a series of photos that suggest there was something a little fishy going on at his local Walmart’s "clearance" section.

The photos posted online last week show items marked with price stickers that are significantly higher than price stickers that are visible underneath. For example, a flashlight on clearance is marked with a $10.97 price sticker, but peeling the sticker away revealed that a previous price was $5.99.

The shopper, whose username is SillyPickle, told The Huffington Post in an email that he took the photos on March 17 at a Walmart store in Riverdale, New Jersey. He posted them on Reddit Friday, writing, "I've uncovered a clearance conspiracy at Walmart."

But Walmart denies there's any conspiracy afoot.

"This is an isolated incident and a pricing error in this store," a Walmart spokeswoman told HuffPost in an email.

The Reddit user didn’t address the price discrepancy with any Walmart employees, but the spokeswoman said that if he had brought the item to the register, he would have been charged the lower price.

In 2014, clothing retailer JC Penney came under fire after a former employee told the media that the company would drastically hike up prices before a “sale,” thus giving the false impression to consumers that they were saving money.

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