Logan Ratai, 6, Eats Walmart Donut Containing Sharp Metal Objects And Goes To Hospital

Logan Ratai, a six-year-old boy, was hospitalized in Fort Riley, Kan., on Sunday after eating a donut from a nearby Walmart that reportedly contained sharp metal objects, according to local TV station WIBW. Here are some pictures of what Logan's mom Kelly allegedly found in her son's donuts:

walmart donuts metal

walmart donuts metal

"There were pieces of black metal, some of them looked like rings, like washers off of a little screw, some of them were black metal fragments, like real sharp pieces," Ms. Ratai told WIBW.

Walmart spokesperson Kayla Wahling told The Huffington Post it's "unlikely that this could have happened," and said the retailer is looking into the incident.

"We work with our suppliers to help ensure all of our baked goods meet our expectations," she said. She added that the store inspected other donuts after pulling them off the shelves and did not find traces of metal.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first sketchy donut incident at Walmart. In April, a shopper took to Reddit after discovering that the store had allegedly been changing the "best buy" date on a box of stale donuts. After reviewing video surveillance footage, Walmart determined that employees at that store had been "mislabeling" donuts, Wahling explained. "We've been able to do some retraining of our associates at that location. I'm not aware of any other issues since then," she said.

Unfortunately, it's not the first time a consumer has discovered a non-edible surprise in his or her food. In June, a California woman alleged she found a razor blade in a Burger King hamburger. That same month, a Canadian woman claimed to have found a sharp metal object in a McDonald's cheeseburger.

Ratai told WIBW that her family is not planning a lawsuit against Walmart.