Victor Castillo, Walmart Employee, Fired Over $106,000 Scam (VIDEO)

A 23-year-old Walmart employee in Hobbs, N.M., has been fired after police arrested him for allegedly stealing more than $106,000 worth of fake money orders, company spokesperson Kayla Whaling told The Huffington Post Monday.

Police estimate the employee, Victor Castillo, began running the scam as early as April, and would take about $1,000 with each order, according to New Mexico News.

Walmart discovered the money was missing after a company audit in July, Hobbs police Capt. Michael Walker told local TV news station KRQE, and Walmart's loss-prevention team subsequently began monitoring video surveillance of the store.

“The way he was doing it they were almost untrackable," Walker told KRQE. Castillo would apparently input the money order into Walmart's MoneyGram system, then turn off the computer at just the right moment so that the valid order would still print out but there was no documentation of it on the screen.

But once video caught Castillo in the act, Walmart was able to go into the computer and track records of his orders -- 111 of them to be exact. Just before his arrest on Thursday, Castillo had printed out $11,000 worth of fake orders.

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