Walmart's Black Friday Going About As Badly As You'd Expect

Walmart's Black Friday Going About As Badly As You'd Expect

The above video was taken at a Walmart in Johnson City, Tenn., according to Instagram user jcooper770. Such instances weren't limited to a single Walmart store, according to various Internet users:

Lol there was a fight at Walmart lol atl real #atl #BlackFriday

— Yanira❤ (@_latinabarbie) November 29, 2013

Walmart was live. Seen people fight over towels lmao

— E-Na$ty (@EssenceLaray) November 29, 2013


— Kenzie Lind (@thekenzielind) November 29, 2013

I have never felt more shame for humanity than I do right now watching people in Walmart fight over a tv, Alabama bookbag & a $14 blender

— Zach Colley (@zachcolley1) November 29, 2013

Seen the first fight of the night 😂 only at Walmart

— Sammantha (@Samm_Nani) November 29, 2013

Walmart spokesperson Brooke Buchanan told The Huffington Post such incidents don't accurately depict what she describes as a successful Black Friday for the retailer.

"We've got great feedback from customers and associates across the country," Buchanan told The Huffington Post. "A few tweets aren't representative of what's actually happening at 4,600 stores."

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