Walmart Sells Graduation Cake To Mom Without Telling Her It's Styrofoam

The big box retailer blamed the unappetizing incident on a "misunderstanding."

Well, this takes the cake.

A woman in Pasadena, Texas, is really frosted at her local Walmart after the store’s employees goofed up an order for a graduation cake by giving her one made out of styrofoam.

Marsy Flores ordered a cake from the retailer last week to celebrate the high school graduation of her daughter, Lea Nava.

“This is my baby, and she was graduating, so it was very important to me,” Flores told Houston station KPRC.

But things crumbled when she went to the store to pick up the cake. It seemed the Walmart bakery had lost the order and didn’t have anything ready. 

store manager told Flores to choose any cake from the ones that were ready to go. The bakers then added a cap-and-gown photo of Lea on the cake and Flores brought it to the graduation party. 

But when it came time to cut the cake, the party guests didn’t get their just desserts. That’s because the cake was made of styrofoam, according to local station KTRK.


Nellie Flores, Marsy’s sister, told that she was “in complete shock” when she saw the cake wasn’t really a cake.

She also griped about the incident on Facebook:

Nellie Flores said a Walmart manager offered her sister a $60 gift card, a free additional cake and another gift card. But she said in her Facebook post that the offer “can’t make up for the embarrassment and humiliation she went through with family and school friends there.”

HuffPost reached out to Walmart, which did not immediately respond. The company provided this statement to KTRK:

This was the result of a misunderstanding. We attempted to make things right with the customer by way of a gift card.