Walmart Cuts Price Of iPhone To $98 Ahead Of Expected 5S Release

If you need more proof that your gadgets become obsolete as soon as the next one comes out, turn to Walmart.

The retailer is offering the newest iPhone for just $98 -- more than $100 less than its official sticker price -- ahead of Apple's expected iPhone 5S launch next week. Here's an ad currently on

walmart iphone

The retailer also slashed prices on its 10-inch iPads by $50. (It's rumored that Apple may launch a new iPad next week as well.)

walmart ipad

But if you want a major deal, the iPhone 4S is probably your best bet. Walmart has been offering that version for just $39 since June, according to Engadget.

walmart iphone 4

Walmart isn't the only place where you can get a deal on an iPhone though. RadioShack and Best Buy are also slashing prices on older iPhones, according to CNNMoney. In addition, Apple is offering iPhone lovers up to $280 towards a new one when they trade in their current model, according to various reports.



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