Walmart Meth Lab: Custodial Worker Discovers Drug Production In Alabama Store

Meth Lab Found In Walmart Bathroom

Somebody left behind a surprise in the bathroom at Walmart.

A custodial employee working on Saturday found a "shake-and-bake" meth lab in the women's restroom at a store in Alabama, Boaz Police Department officials confirmed to The Huffington Post.

The single-use methamphetamine operation included a Nestle water bottle and five empty packets of the over-the-counter cold medicine pseudoephedrine, the Gadsen Times reported.

"That kind of blew my mind when I read the report," Police Chief Terry Davis said, according to WHNT-19. "We've found a lot of shake-and-bake meth labs in different places but never inside a business."

Police also found it odd that the pills used to cook the low quality methamphetamine were of a brand not sold at Walmart.

Investigators with the Marshall County Drug Enforcement Unit disposed of the meth-making lab.

In December, an Oklahoma woman was similarly accused of attempting to cook meth in a different Walmart.

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