Wal-Mart: Outsourcing The Crime, Owning The Police

When caught using illegal child labor, Wal-Mart made a deal with the labor department that from now on they'll receive
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Wal-Mart has an interesting strategy for dealing with its problems. When subcontractors are caught using illegal immigrants, Wal-Mart claims to have no responsibility. After all, they don't own the subcontractors, they just employ them. When caught using illegal child labor Wal-Mart makes a deal with the labor department that from now on they'll receive fifteen days notice before being inspected. This after an inspection found 85 child labor violations at Wal-Mart stores involving children operating dangerous machinery like cardboard balers and chain saws. The new policy of giving advance notice prior to making a "raid" will enable Wal-Mart fourteen more days of profitably exploiting their workers before giving them an unpaid day off.(1)

It's brilliant really. Fixing problems requires management and oversight, things that cost money. Why bother when you can outsource your crimes and your friends in the administration are happy to tweak law enforcement on your behalf.

1. Not unlike Wal-Mart's policy after Katrina where employees were given employment if they could get to other stores but were not paid for shifts missed as a result of the tragedy.

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