Walmart Shopper Chases After Thieves, Jumps On Their Car (VIDEO)

WATCH: Walmart Shopper Makes Jaw-Dropping Decision

A Walmart shopper saw three men trying to escape the store with free beer and would not stand for it. She exited her checkout line and courageously chased after them.

"I told the cashier, 'Do something, they are leaving,' and she couldn't do anything, so I just told her, 'Watch my purse,'" Monique Lawless told ABC.

The single mom from Alvin, Texas, bolted out the store and hopped on the thieves' Camaro, per ABC. As they began to drive away, she desperately tried to hold onto the car before losing her grip.

After Lawless helped slow them down, police were eventually able to chase the car down and arrest the suspects. They were charged with a felony evading arrest and aggravated robbery. Watch video of the incident above.

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