Walmart Has Everything You Need To Start Your Yoga Practice At Home

Take your downward dog to the next level with these mats and accessories from Walmart.
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Yoga accessories from Walmart

Yoga is one of the best exercises to do at home because all you need is a small space to spread out and stretch. And becoming an at-home yogi has never been easier with the help of Walmart.

You can get a wide range of yoga mats and all kinds of accessories that will have you looking forward to each session. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert practitioner, we’ve found a little something for everyone at Walmart.

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BalanceFrom high-density yoga met
Thicker than your average yoga mat, this option is dense for ultimate comfort. Reduce pressure on your joints throughout your poses with the extra plushness of this mat. And you won’t have to worry about sliding around during your routine as it’s also slip resistant.
Evolve by Gaiam printed yoga block
Improve your form and or take your poses to the next level with the help of this yoga block. Put it under your hands if you’re unable to flex far enough, or use it as a way to go deeper into stretches. And beyond the helpful functions it provides, the block is just adorable with its intricate print.
Gaiam stay-put mat towel
Heavy sweaters will rejoice when they add this yoga towel to their next session. It attaches to your yoga mat with four folding corners and a grippy underside keeping it in place. The microfiber fabric will absorb any excess moisture during your workout, and the surface can retain traction, so you won’t need to worry about slipping.
BalanceFrom yoga wheel
If you really want to take your stretches up a notch, the yoga wheel is your answer. The wheel has several benefits; some say it can help improve posture and balance and reduce back pain. Made of easy-to-clean fabric that also has traction, the creators of this wheel have thought of it all.
Anself multi-loop yoga strap
From sitting all day, many of us deal with tight hips, glutes, and quads. For those that are all too familiar with this issue, try adding this strap to your yoga workout that will allow you to gently pull your legs closer for a deeper stretch to loosen up your tight muscles. It has different stages of loops, so you can work your way to harder, deeper stretches as you progress.
Kapmore yoga socks
Some people have slippery feet, so much so that even yoga mats offering maximum grip may not work for them. That’s where these grippy socks come in handy. The no-slip socks with straps to keep them in place will give you the traction you need on the mat. And these socks come in a pack of four, so you’re ready for multiple practices.
Peace Yoga buckwheat meditation pillow
This yoga cushion is multi-purpose, depending on what kind of yogi you are. It can boost you in certain seated positions, helping to take the strain off joints. The pillow also makes a great and comfy meditation spot after your workout.
Wacces cotton yoga strap
Another popular style of yoga strap, this one can also help you pull stiff muscles into that deep stretch. This is a more popular style for those needing better arm and shoulder flexibility. Depending on your height, you can choose from two strap lengths.
CAP Fitness stability ball
Depending on the yoga flows you prefer, sometimes there may be a stability ball incorporated. The multi-purpose ball also come in handy for Pilates and core training. Grab it in either purple or teal to match your home gym.
Evolve by Gaiam grippy yoga gloves
Feet aren’t the only body part that you have to worry about slipping on the mat. Sweaty hands can cause some concern in a downward-facing dog. These grippy yoga gloves will keep all your worries at bay, and as a bonus, they look super stylish and edgy.

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