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Wal-Mart's Fear and Intimidation of its Employees

I received a phone call asking me if there was any way that Wal-Mart could track who bought the movie or who rented it. It seems that the associates are afraid that they are being "watched" by this company.
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As we approach the "Season of Giving", let's not forget the Wal-Mart associates who are working in the stores across out country and now around the globe. Recently a new movie came out about Wal-Mart and after all of the negative publicity and spins that Wal-Mart's Million Dollar Dream Team has come up with, the basic facts remain the same. Wal-Mart is just not taking care of their own people. In fact, we are all paying for Wal-Mart's record setting profits with our taxes.

I just want to tell you about the responses that I have received from the Wal-Mart associates. I was not surprised at all by these comments because of the high level of fear that this company keeps its employees under. Right after the first story broke about the movie opening in New York, I received a phone call asking me if there was any way that Wal-Mart could track who bought the movie or who rented it if it was at Blockbuster. It seems that the associates who want to watch the movie are afraid that they are being "watched" by this company. A second call was virtually the same. This person had knowledge of the Point of Sale capabilities of Wal-Mart and asked if they would have access to the Point of Sale information from the movie. A third caller said that they were going to get one of their friends to get the movie for them and that some of the associates from that store were "secretly" going to watch it together.

The movie has so many valid points. Wal-Mart calls it propaganda but everything that I know from my 17 years with them tells me that the facts in the movie are truthful. I took part in this movie but I did not have contact with a lot of the others who appeared in it. I think that is the way it was set up. Through all of that, the stories that everyone tells in there melds together to show that what I know is the same thing that others know and have experienced. The cases are not isolated, they are company wide. The mouths and the puppets from the Puzzle Palace (what a lot of associates know the Home Office as) act like everything is peachy throughout the company. Every time they get on TV or in a paper saying that it is a great company to work for, they are privately ostracized by the very same people who they think are blindly happy.

I encourage everyone to watch this movie and get a little better understanding about this 'great' company. What everyone should understand is that in Lee Scott's eyes, and he has said this many times, is that "Every time a customer makes a purchase at one of out stores, they are voting for the way we do business"......

Maybe you have to shop at Wal-Mart during this Holiday Season, but while you are there, please remember the associates and the hardships that are brought upon them by their own 'great' company.

In the memorial edition of the Wal-Mart World (the old name for the company magazine) to Sam Walton, on the front cover it quotes Mr. Sam saying "In the end all that really matters is helping others". A lot of associates should be asking Lee Scott what he has done to help them lately!

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