Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Live Walrus Cam

Ever wonder what a walrus does when he thinks you're not looking?

You can now tune in to see on a round-the-clock walrus camera, thanks to, a nonprofit run by the Annenberg Foundation. The live stream gives viewers a peek into the world of walruses lolling about on the beaches of Round Island, Alaska, which is part of the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary.

Pacific walruses spend the winter on the pack ice of the Bering Sea, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. In the spring, the adult females and their calves head north to the Chukchi Sea, while the adult males migrate to Bristol Bay, where Round Island is located.

When they’re not eating, the males take their ease on the bay's rocky beaches. According to an news release, the walrus cam shows the creatures sleeping, fighting, playing and even partaking in a little walrus “me” time.

“These cams help us extend our mission of conservation and education,” said Maria Gladziszewski, acting deputy director of the Alaska Fish and Game Department's Division of Wildlife Conservation, in a statement. “We are thrilled to share our work with a larger community of people and grateful to for the opportunity.”

The walrus live feed is just one part of’s Pearl of the Planet initiative, a collection of animal cams from around the world. If you get sick of watching walruses (why would you, though?), you can also check out kittens, penguins or -- one of our favorites -- puffins.



Walruses Rule