Walt Disney World Fantasyland Expansion: Storybook Circus To Open Late March, Snow White Ride To Close

Disney World's Making Some Changes

Walt Disney World fans who have been eagerly awaiting the Magic Kindom's new Fantasyland, will get a teaser this March. Storybook Circus will open at the end of the month, according to the Disney Parks Blog.

Storybook Circus is home to the revamped Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, one carousel of which will lift off again next month. According to a press release from 2011, the existing Dumbo ride was refurbished and moved from old Fantasyland's center to the new Storybook Circus, where it joined a second set of flying elephants.

Also opening will be the reimagined Barnstormer rollercoaster-- hosted by farmer cum circus stunt pilot and magician, The Great Goofini -- and the Fantasyland railroad station. The whole Storybook Circus section is expected to be complete later in 2012.

As one ride opens, though, another one closes. As part of the Fantasyland expansion, the Disney princesses will find a new home where Snow White's Scary Adventures currently resides. Hurry up and ride it -- its last day of operation will be May 31.

Many details of the Fantasyland project were announced in early 2011. Among the attractions that can be looked forward to in 2013 include an indoor roller coaster inspired by the seven dwarves' mine, an indoor "Little Mermaid" ride and a new "Beauty and the Beast"-themed restaurant called Be Our Guest.

On the West Coast, Disneyland announced that it's new Cars Land will open in June.

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