Walter Cronkite's 1967 Vision Of The 21st Century Home Office Is Shockingly On Point (VIDEO)

WATCH: Walter Cronkite's 1967 Vision Of 21st Technology Is Shockingly On Point

Nearly a half-century before working from home landed its own acronym ("WFH"), Walter Cronkite envisioned a world in which "we may not have to go to work, the work would come to us."

A video from the 1960's that recently surfaced on Reddit shows the legendary anchorman, known as "the most trusted man in America," touring a "21st century home office."

"Here's a mock-up of a possible future telephone," Cronkite says in the video. "If I want to see the people I'm talking with, I just turn the button and there they are." Skype's co-founder, Niklas Zennström, was just one-year-old when this clip originally hit the airwaves.

A 2009 study released by Forrester Research predicted that by 2016 43 percent of Americans will work at least occasionally from home. Today, about one in five workers worldwide telecommute, Reuters reports.

Cronkite's prescient presentation is worth a watch, not least because the mock-up machinery used in the video is hilariously clunky.

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