Walter Dean Myers, New Ambassador for Young People's Literature

Tuesday at the Library of Congress the remarkable Walter Dean Myers was officially presented as the new national ambassador for young people's literature. It is a splendid choice; not only are Myers' books wonderful, but as those who have seen him will attest, he is an outstanding speaker -- passionate, funny, smart, and amazing. His commitment to young readers, literacy, and literature is remarkable and he will be an incredible role model to adults and children alike.

Myers' range as a writer is remarkable. Some of his many distinguished books include:

  • Monster, an award-winning and disturbing look at a possible young murderer in the unique style of a screenplay.
  • Kick with Ross Workman, a thriller featuring soccer. (The story behind this novel is a great one -- Workman, a high school student, wrote Myers a fan letter and Myers wrote back suggesting they write a story together. They did and this is the result.)
  • Harlem, a poetic recognition of people and a neighborhood over time.
  • It is a wonderful choice. Congratulations to Walter, the folks who recommended him, those involved with the position, his publishers, family, and everyone else involved. He will be an absolutely superb ambassador.