Walter Mercado Does Astrological Analysis Of Donald Trump's Political Future

The stars are not aligning in Señor Trump's favor.

If you’re one of the many Latinos in the U.S. who are hoping, wishing and praying that Donald Trump does not become president, take heart. Spiritual guide and famed Latino astrologer Walter Mercado says there’s no way in the world (or universe) Trump will ever be president.

Mercado shared an astrological analysis of Trump on YouTube which was posted on Aug. 21, where he flat out said, “Señor Donald Trump's political future looks slim.” 

According to Mercado, Trump’s over-abundance of fire elements present in his astrological chart will ultimately be his downfall. “Becoming president of the most important nation in the world will diminish once the nation discovers his egocentrism, xenophobia… and his lack of knowledge,” he said.

Mercado’s not exactly known for sharing his political views and most Latinos look to Mercado for astrological guidance. However, he said, he was prompted to share his analysis after fans reached out to him requesting he address Trump’s recent anti-immigrant remarks. 

Mercado shared the video on his Facebook page, where he wrote: “I invite you to share this video. Latinos should unite to achieve reform that will benefit us all.” 

Watch Mercado's entire astrological analysis of Donald Trump in the video above. 

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