Walter Smith Banned From Clearwater Middle School Career Day In Florida Because He's A Tattoo Artist (VIDEO)

WATCH: School Bans Dad From Career Day

Walter Smith says he creates art, but officials at his daughter's middle school, where he's recently been banned from attending career day, aren't buying any of it.

No, Smith isn't involved in adult films or anything illegal.

He's a licensed tattoo artist. And despite having attended his daughter's career day at Clearwater Middle School in Clearwater, Florida, two times in the past, this year the principal decided he was no longer welcome.

According to ABC Action News, the tattoo artist says he was banned from career day because other parents at the school thought his presence promoted an 'alternative lifestyle.'

Smith told KDVR that the school's decision surprised him because he has used career day in the past to discourage youngsters from pursuing body art until they're of the proper age.

He has also advocated safe tattoo techniques, and warns of the health risks that people take when they get tattoos from unlicensed artists.

“The parents are closed-minded and don’t want their children to know about these things,” Smith said to ABC, adding, "This is an art. This is how I make a living."

KRDO reports that Smith intends to fight the decision in time to attend the career fair next week.

Judging by recent events, though, teachers should worry more about police officers at career day than tattoo artists. In May, Officer Chris Webb accidentally shot a 10-year-old boy with a Taser at a career day in New Mexico after the boy refused to wash the his cop car.

Webb stated afterward that he forgot the Taser was loaded.

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