Walter White's 'Breaking Bad' Underwear Goes For $9,900 At Auction

Walter White's Undies Fetch A Pretty Penny

If you had an extra $10,000 lying around you could have been the proud owner of Walter White's iconic tighty whities worn by Bryan Cranston in the "Breaking Bad" pilot as part of Screenbid's auction of props and items from the AMC series.

Screenbid teamed up with Sony Pictures to allow fans a chance to own a piece of their favorite show. The starting bid for the pair of briefs was $250, but over the course of the 10 day auction, the price shot up to the winning bid, which was $9,900. The underwear -- currently on display at the Museum of Moving Image as part of their "Breaking Bad" exhibit -- will be shipped to the winner after Oct. 27.

Hundreds of items from the "Breaking Bad" set were up for bid at the auction including everything from a Los Pollos Hermanos air freshener to Marie's Volkswagon and Jessie's Roomba.

While Walter's underwear went for almost $10,000, it was his inscribed copy of "Leaves of Grass" that went for the most money, with the winning bid coming in at $65,000. Other items that fetched a pretty penny was the bell that killed Gustavo Fring ($26,750) and one of the pink teddy bears for over $20,000. When the auction closed on October 9 it had grossed almost $1 million.

A complete listing of the items can be seen here, and you can also check out the props in the slideshow below.

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