Comedian Wanda Sykes Has 1 Question For White People Who Want A Black Friend

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" guest host needed to know where the candidates were on a certain date in January.

Comedian Wanda Sykes, who was guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night, had just one screening question for white viewers who were hoping to participate in her “Who Wants To Win A Black Friend?” segment.

“One of you is going to get a new BFF ― Black friend forever,” Sykes said. “But before we meet them, I need to know one thing. Where were you January 6, 2021? Anywhere near D.C.?”

Sykes said she introduced the segment because she wanted to do her part to bring people together now that things are opening back up.

“I’ve said many times that I believe that every white person should have at least one Black friend,” she joked.

Watch Sykes do her best to help out below: