Wanda Sykes Taunts Trump Facebook Return With A Jennifer Coolidge Impression

Donald Trump is Facebook's "White Lotus," said the guest host of "The Daily Show."

“The Daily Show” guest host Wanda Sykes on Thursday ripped Meta for allowing former President Donald Trump to return to its social media platforms Facebook and Instagram more than two years after he was booted following the deadly U.S. Capitol riot.

“I mean, letting Trump back on Facebook is crazy. You’re just asking for trouble. It’s like letting Hannibal Lecter babysit your most delicious child,” the comedian and actor joked.

Sykes then suggested why Trump’s ban was really being lifted.

“Look, we all know Facebook is losing a ton of money, and they want that Trump attention back,” she said “They need a hit. Trump is their ‘White Lotus.’ Right? I mean, he’s the Jennifer Coolidge of the internet.”

Sykes then mimicked Coolidge as Trump, before proposing how Trump should be tested during his first few weeks back online.

Watch Sykes’ monologue:

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