Wanda Sykes Gets Real About The 'Crap' Kids Give As Gifts


Between the macaroni necklaces, popsicle stick picture frames and handprint art, parents receive a lot of ... special gifts from their kids. These homemade presents are totally sweet and adorable, but admittedly it can be a little hard to feel genuinely enthusiastic about them.

During her appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week, comedian Wanda Sykes talked about the "lovely" and "beautiful" gifts her twin son and daughter gave her for Mother's Day.

"They're 7, so to me, I'd just rather have a hug and a 'Happy Mother's Day!'" she said. "But when they're that age -- and moms know -- you have to be a good actress. That's when you gotta turn into Meryl Streep. Seriously, because they give you gifts that are just ... [sighs]."

Sykes said her daughter Olivia made a bookmark, while son Lucas "went all out" and made a yarn bracelet, which she wore on the show. ("Oh you gotta wear it or you're an awful parent," she noted.)

"So I just had to go 'Oh that's amazing! Oh that's so beautiful!' And they were so proud," the comedian recalled. Joking, she added, "But now I understand why athletes buy their moms a house when they make it -- because they really should to make up for this crap!"

Too funny.

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