Wanda Sykes: "There's Gonna Be Some Booty-Slapping" In The White House

Comedian Wanda Sykes (crudely) talked about her excitement for the Obama White House - and the sex she is sure they have - on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night.

Sykes said of the Obamas:
"I am so excited that now we are going to have some action in the White House... You see they're into each other, which is cool. There's going to be some booty slapping, because he's got those big ears. We finally got a First Lady with a nice ass."

On the economy:
"Black people know how to pinch a penny... He'll get the budget straight."

How Bush has done a lot for black people and should get a Source award:
"President Bush has done more for black people than anybody else in the history of this country... If he wasn't such a screw up, this never would have happened."