Wanda Sykes Tells Disturbing Story About A Fan Who Laughed Too Hard At Her Act

The comedian “nearly literally killed” at a recent show in Memphis, “The Late Late Show” said.

Wanda Sykes’ account of the wildest thing that ever happened at one of her shows requires that you not be eating. Seriously. (Watch the video below.)

Mind you, the comedian has seen plenty in her career, including Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony she co-hosted last year. But what she told host James Corden on “The Late Late Show” Monday was downright disturbing.

At a recent gig in Memphis, the performance was going well until the crowd began to yell at her to get a paramedic, Sykes said. She ordered the house lights up, summoned security and called out for a doctor.

An apparently drunk fan “was laughing so hard that he puked ― he vomited ― and then started choking on his vomit,” Sykes said.

“Now that must have been a good joke,” cracked fellow guest Joel McHale.

“That is arguably the best review you could ever wish,” Corden chimed in.

Sykes said “they had to work on” the fan in distress.

“Wanda Sykes Nearly Literally Killed at a Show,” Corden’s show headlined the segment on its YouTube channel.

Sykes, who stars in Hulu’s new sketch series “History of the World: Part II,” might want to work on not being so funny. For everyone’s health.

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