'WandaVision' Fans Think They Spotted Another Secret Marvel Villain

There may be another big bad bugging everyone in the MCU.

Warning: “WandaVision” spoilers ahead!

Welp. It’s not just a case of the Mondays after all.

In Episode 7, “WandaVision” did an homage to “Modern Family,” gave Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) her powers, and finally revealed the big bad of the series — in a show-stopping musical number, no less!

As long-predicted, and perhaps hinted at by the show’s music, the cause of all Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) problems on “WandaVision” seem to be the doing of her nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), whose true identity is Marvel witch Agatha Harkness.

Or as the show puts it, it was Agatha all along:

Well, maybe it’s not all Agatha ... 

Earlier in the episode, Agnes/Agatha takes Wanda’s twins to her place so mom can get some much needed me-time. However, when Wanda heads over there later, the kids are nowhere to be found.

That may be because there’s another villain secretly bugging Wanda too.

In the Marvel comics, Wanda’s kids were first created from part of the demon Mephisto before being reabsorbed. And since Agatha Harkness is also involved in that storyline, it seems like that’s what’s happening here.

So goodbye for now, you little demon spawn.

But it’s more than just the missing twins.

In the Marvel comics, Mephisto has shown up as a fly before, and some fans think the demon made a similar appearance in the show too. 

Sure, that bug looks like more of a cicada than a fly, but since when are we all entomologists, right? The bug was weird, and the camera made sure you saw it.

Some peculiar decorating in Agatha’s basement also hints at a demonic presence, if not just a serious cry for help from “Fixer Upper.”

Holy shiplap, Agnes. Never go for an unfinished cellar.

Throughout the show, Agnes/Agatha has made references to her yet-to-be-seen “husband” Ralph, so perhaps a Ralph/Mephisto reveal is still coming.

But there are other loose ends too. For instance, Evan Peters’ character may not actually be Quicksilver. (The first post-credit scene for “WandaVision” hints there’s definitely something going on with him.) Also, there’s always the possibility of a different Marvel antagonist, such as Nightmare, being involved.

There are still two episodes left to find out if Mephisto has been a fly on the wall for everything. Until then, we have another ever-present villain to deal with.