Was A Major 'WandaVision' Moment Really Just For This Dirty Joke?

Twitter reacts to "WandaVision" finally exposing one character.

Fans have a Bohner to pick with Disney.

Among the big moments in Friday’s “WandaVision” finale, Evan Peters’ Pietro, once thought to be Quicksilver from Fox’s “X-Men” movie universe, was finally revealed to actually be ... some guy named Ralph Bohner.

Hm. What?

It turns out series villain Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) has been controlling Ralph all along with a magical necklace — implying that he’s not really Quicksilver or Wanda’s brother, Pietro — and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) ends up freeing him. But before she does that, she uncovers his real name: Bohner.

“Boner,” he says with a laugh, just to make sure you got the dick joke.

To believe this may be a phallus-y.
To believe this may be a phallus-y.
Marvel Studios

Yeah, we got it, Ralph.

Peters’ first appearance in “WandaVision” seemed like an important moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe — a long-awaited introduction of the X-Men. So not everyone was especially thrilled that it may have just been for crude humor.

But don’t be too Quick(silver) to judge.

When talking about bringing Peters over from the “X-Men” movies to the MCU, “WandaVision” writer Jac Schaeffer told Marvel.com that Kevin Feige wanted to make sure there was a “reason for it.”

It’d be bizarre if the only reason the Marvel boss had in mind was making a boner joke.

Some loose ends may explain what’s going on.

For one, “Bohner” has super-speed powers and looks exactly like Quicksilver from the Fox movies. It’d be extremely weird if it wasn’t him.

Twitter users also pointed out that Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) mentioned a missing person in the witness protection program earlier in “WandaVision.” And Bohner seems like an alias that fits with Quicksilver’s sophomoric sense of humor.

Things, of course, didn’t work out so well for many other “WandaVision” theories, but maybe this time Marvel will throw us a Bohn.

H/T Uproxx

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