Wang Jun, Artist, Spends One Month On A Scale To Lose Weight

Artist Spends An Entire Month On Scale In Beijing Hotel

Experts say there's no better way to slim down than to document your weight-loss endeavor. But for one performance artist, he's taken that advice to the extreme.

Dubbed 'Keep Fit Deal 15', Wang Jun will spend an entire month on an electronic scale, reports Wired UK.

With his weight permanently displayed on the monitor, a web-cam will live-stream his project online where he will interact with the public and won't even leave the scale for food or bathroom breaks.

According to Oddity Central, he's trying to achieve a weight-loss of 15 Jin (16.5 lbs). But there's also an artistic objective.

“In this materialistic age, in the era of pleasure-seeking and greed, all things are inflated infinitely, slowly lose the beautiful and clear origins,” said Jun.

The Chinese artist began the project on March 18 and will be on display at the Yitel Hotel in Beijing until April 18.

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