#WannaKnow Who Won The Drake vs. Meek Mill Beef?

The Internet showed no mercy for Meek Thursday night.

Meek Mill released a diss track about Drake Thursday night in what is the latest response in the week-long, and hilariously entertaining, beef between the two rappers.

Within minutes, the Internet had its own response to Meek's highly-anticipated song "Wanna Know" and let's just say, they were less than impressed.

Quick recap: Earlier this week, Meek called out the Toronto native with a series of tweets alleging that Drake has a ghostwriter.

Drake, who was featured on Meek's latest album, responded with two diss tracks "Charged Up" and "Back to Back Freestyle," the latter of which led many to claim Drizzy as the victor.

On Thursday night, Meek transitioned from Twitter to the studio, and released his song "Wanna Know" along with some... interesting artwork.

While some of Meek's fans came to his defense, others showed less mercy.

The memes and tweets that ensued prove that the spectators of this rap beef didn't hold back any punches:

A photo posted by LIL DILLER (@hundon__dill) on

A photo posted by LBE/KMG (@bklynbullyy) on

A photo posted by Alex Iriarte (@airiarte21) on

A photo posted by LBE/KMG (@bklynbullyy) on

A video posted by JD (@_____jd_____) on

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