Wanna Work on Broad City? Meet the Man Behind the Music

About four or five episodes into any Netflix binge, we all have the thought: I have to get a job on this show. For most, it only lasts the 10 seconds of credits. But NYC native Matt FX Feldman has followed through. He's the Music Supervisor for Broad City. That means he pairs the soundtrack to every scene in the femmillenial Comedy Central smash hit. Season 3 may be over (tear), but FX isn't taking any time off. He's the mind behind Scooter Island, an up and coming alternative artist collective whose tunes he often places beneath Abbi and Ilana's shenanigans. And not without reason. Scooter Island's single "Breezy" was the jam heard on rooftops round the world last summer. Oh, and he still DJs in his spare time in his spare time as a part of TRIBES NY. When we met at Soho House, he made it sound like serendipity. But it's clear that FX has networked, homeworked, and extracurriculared his way into so many millennials' dream job. Here's how.

FX has always been on the creative track, but you'd be surprised by how similar his career path is to your LinkedIn profile. A classically trained Soprano, Feldman had a brief stint at University in Poland in 2012 before returning to a year of self-described "floundering." FX worked in a mailbox store, as a nanny, and myriad other "weird drop-out minimum wage jobs." His main focuses, it seems, were networking and content creation, before the latter was the 2016 buzzword of the year. He entrenched himself in a creative crowd--the very same actors, artists and musicians I met when he DJed Le Bain three years later, an infamously ritzy NYC nightclub known for its skyline views and rooftop hot tubs. Through it all, FX never stopped making music. On his own, with his friends, and with his friends' friends over tacos on a Friday night. Those late-night beats would eventually make their way into his gigs, onto the Scooter Island EP, and into your living room via Broad City. Those friends would become the likes of Phantogram, AlunaGeorge, and Blood Orange-all of whom FX discovered through these endeavors. Everyone still loves his tacos.

Through his crew, Feldman made his way into the production office for UK teen drama Skins, where he managed to get a (yes, fire) mix-tape to co-creator Brian Elsley. FX recalls the flurry, how he, "came in and immediately was just like can I meet the music guy? Can I intern for him? Can I send him a playlist? Can I play you some music? And he's like, 'Yea, send me a mix.' And the next day he calls me in and goes, 'Yea, you need to quit your day job.'" Skins only lasted one season, but FX had made his mark. When Broad City needed a last minute Music Supervisor, he got the call.

Three seasons in, most of us might call it quits after landing a spot on one of the most coveted shows on air right now. But FX's hustle is relentless. Between seasons, he's building out his multi-genre collective, Scooter Island: "Music Supervision is someone else's picture with someone else's music, and I hope one day it will be my picture and my music. That feels like the fulfillment of my dream, my distant future, hopefully." The Scooter Island EP is a testament to FX's hustle. Each song is an articulate feeling, the whole album a warm sunny Saturday in NYC. Fittingly, FX has dubbed the genre 'Rooftop Music' and it has led to some seriously innovative collaborations: "Sometimes I'll do a little like, musical cupid's arrow. I'll take two artists, and just be like, oh check out this sick remix this producer did! Oh! I'm making tacos on Friday, you guys should come over! That's generally when the best collaborations come out." So friendship turns into music, leading to features from underground darlings like JunglePu**y.

So what have we learned today, class? In five years, FX has built a brand for himself in some of the most competitive professional fields, TV production and DJdom, to name a few. Sure, he is gifted. But more importantly, he is unafraid to chase after the impossible or the unheard of. Chances are if you're building three careers simultaneously, one of them will work out. So don't quit your day job, just start grinding at night.

Check out the Scooter Island EP, and stay tuned for more from Matt FX.