Want to Make 2016 Great? Start Now

The other day my good friend and I were discussing that it was already November and this year (like any other year) has gone fast. 2015 as we know it is almost over. Both of us had interesting years, but we were looking forward to make it through the remainder of the year and starting the New Year out great. As we were sitting on the sofa, it dawned on me. Why do I have to wait until January 1st to make 2016 great? Why can't I start now?

As New Year's Eve begins to approach, many will start to reflect on the past year. They will start going through the highs and lows that helped to shape the current year and also highlight in their mind's what they did or did not accomplish. Some media outlets have already started this reflection. In some cases this has started as early as the end of September (which was the earliest I saw). This is in the form of the "Best of" lists of the best movies, music etc., as well as who had a "breakout" or "banner" year in a variety of areas. While I personally feel that some of the best albums and movies of the year haven't been released yet, it is understandable that these media outlets (especially print) get these articles, covers, and issues completed and published in 2015 with enough time for people to read them. Once the clock hits midnight, these stories (while still important) will be "so last year."

It has been in my personal experience and observation that some people (including myself) tend to coast through November and December. It's extremely easy to do. The holiday season (whatever one or ones you celebrate) is a busy time, and before a person can say "Pass the Eggnog" the year and season is over and the New Year has begun. This year, instead of writing off the rest of 2015, spend some time prepping, laying out or even starting your 2016 goals.

For many, January 1st signifies change. Besides a New Year, it is a chance to "start over" or improve one's life. This can also bring a lot of added pressure. For example, as a former employee of my college's recreation center I can attest that the gym will be crowded in January, but begin to taper off by February, if not sooner. Many make resolutions, only to get discouraged and give up. In fact, it has become a common practice is to no longer make resolutions (or at least say them out loud) for the sole reason that they might be broken. By a person starting their 2016 goals now, they are not only allocating more time for these goals to be accomplished, but do not have the added New Year's Resolution pressure that may be felt at the beginning of the year.

So, with the calm before the holiday storm upon us, it is important to remember not to write off the rest of 2015. Do you still have a goal or goals you want to accomplish in 2015? Good news, you still have time! But, for the rest of us, start working on 2016 now. It is going to be a busy year nationally and globally, let alone whatever is going on in one's personal life. So, getting a head start on your 2016 goals now would be a great idea. Besides, when the ball officially drops and the phrase "This will be my year" is said by many people around the World, you can say or think this phrase with more confidence. Why? Because you've been planning on a great 2016 for weeks now and already started to put in the work to make sure this becomes a reality.