Want it? Here's How to Get It!

We all want something. I'm not talking about a lox & cream cheese bagel sandwich on a Saturday morning or even that super hot fuchsia dress at the boutique down the street. I'm talking about the big stuff. Our heart's deepest desires. Whether It's our dream house, our husband or wife, a fat check and/or our dream work to share with the world.

We may scratch our heads wondering -- how the heck do I get to that stuff? But the better question to ask is, how the hell do I allow what I deeply desire to come into my life?

The truth is, the life of your dreams doesn't happen by chance. It doesn't even happen by working doggedly hard to experience it. And it isn't only available to "lucky" people or people who somehow have an "easy" life.

Every single one of us has the opportunity and the ability to experience what our heart longs for throughout our lifetime. As we grow older (or younger as the case may be) and evolve, our desires will do the same, and we will continue to call forth new desires into our lives. And every time, we have the opportunity to experience our desires coming to fruition. Not from luck, not from trying like mad, but because we know something almost no one will admit is true:

There are invisible and divine universal forces all around that are here to support us, and when we tap into this support and make our life a co-creative process -- we can live the life of our dreams.

As it turns out, living the life of our dreams is exactly what each one of us came to do. We came here to live the path only we can live while we give the unique gift to the world that only we can give.

Pretty radical, right?

Fortunately there is a three-step process that when applied in the order below can shift anyone into greater alignment with their heart's desires. Check this out:

Step 1: Get clear on what you desire to call in. You absolutely must know without a doubt what your heart and soul desires. Not from a mind place or because someone told you to want it, but because your heart just cannot imagine living a life without this particular experience. Once you have absolute clarity about what you truly desire, write it down and date it. Make a commitment in that moment to have what you desire and to allow it into your life because it is important to your life purpose, happiness and fulfillment (as a former commitment-phobe, this was terrifying for me, but a huge relief once I allowed myself to commit to what I desired!).

Step 2: Get your soul aligned so that what you want can come in. The minute you make this commitment, you may observe a host of resistances appear after an initial high. Resistance comes in many forms, but it can often look like: getting sick, having injuries or general malaise and crankiness. You may also observe fears appearing out of seemingly nowhere and negative self-talk. You may notice that people you had considered supporters scoffing when you share your intended desire. All of this occurs for one reason and one reason only -- to show you that you have fears/traumas/negative conditioning that is not in alignment with your heart's desire. In fact, if you're like most people, you have conditioning that says you cannot have what you desire! But, not to fear. This is no biggie -- you're human and this is just part of the deal as a soul who is here to evolve. So, what to do? Get that ish cleared out. Work with a practitioner in an individual and/or group setting who specializes in Soul alignment. It is imperative that this individual resonates with you and you feel they genuinely are holding the highest light for you. Receive regular sessions so that as you evolve the fears/conditioning/limiting beliefs stay at a minimum and you can soar. Pair this with a daily meditation and spiritual practice and watch out world -- you are flying HIGH!

Step 3: Detach from the outcome and have fun. Let the Universe bring your desire at the exact perfect and divine time. This is often the toughest part though. We humans are sometimes really good at doing and not so skilled at letting go and allowing. But it is often the most critical part of the equation. You know what you desire, you've identified and begun to clear the aspects within you that say you "can't," now you need to chill out and have fun! Go dancing, go for a walk outside, celebrate with people who love and support you -- just get out there and have a blast. When you find yourself trying to "figure" out how your desire will appear and when, go back to having fun and distracting yourself. Taking a nap is sometimes the best thing you can do -- let your body-mind relax and let the Universe do the heavy lifting. Make it your personal intention to master allowing. You've asked, you've aligned, now play!

Making the above three steps a practice with any desire is one of the most powerful ways to live the life of your dreams.

So what do you have to lose? Give it a shot, and share in the comments below what you experience!


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