Want To Celebrate Someone Who Is Making A Difference? Here’s How

All around the country, every day, unsung heroes are making a difference in people’s lives — conducting vital research, making cultural breakthroughs, supporting the most vulnerable and planting the seeds for a better tomorrow. HuffPost champions such individuals because they maintain the very fabric of our society. It’s important to us to highlight people like educator Rachael Jones, who directs a program that helps provide meals for low-income children in Livingston, Montana. Or Sam Rhodes, an Army veteran in Georgia who launched Warrior Outreach, which aids veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

People like Jones and Rhodes are seldom acknowledged publicly for their service. But we want to change that. That’s why we are partnering with TIAA to launch the TIAA Difference Maker 100, a program that celebrates these difference makers. And why we’re so proud to have Laila Ali along for the ride as our program ambassador, helping us honor amazing individuals like these.

“As a Difference Maker 100 ambassador, I will help recognize individuals who work at nonprofits and tirelessly work to move a cause forward, lift up their local community and serve others. This program inspires all of us to give back and make a positive impact.” — Laila Ali

TIAA, which helps enable the success of those devoted to bringing positive and lasting change to the lives of others, celebrates its centennial this year. We hope you’ll join us in marking this milestone by checking out our stories as they unfold this year — and by entering yourself or recommending someone you know who is doing work that inspires you. TIAA will be honoring 100 difference makers with $10,000 each to help support the nonprofit of their choice — that’s $1 million altogether. We’re excited to share these stories with you, and we can’t wait to hear yours, too.

Meet one of the people who inspires us to make a difference in this video from TIAA…

Read about some of the extraordinary people making a difference, below. 


TIAA has been putting customers first for 100 years, helping them achieve financial well-being and peace of mind so they can devote themselves to doing what they do best: making a difference in the world. We’ve partnered with TIAA to celebrate its centennial by highlighting difference makers in the nonprofit field. Are you interested in recommending someone, or are you a difference maker yourself? Go here to learn more.