Want to Fix Albany? Defeat Espada

New York's state government is a mess, and we're all paying the price.

But the Working Families Party is launching a major push to change that this election year -- by kicking out the worst politician in Albany.

State Senator Pedro Espada has repeatedly blocked progress for working New Yorkers. He's used taxpayer money for his own enrichment and switched political parties to kill pro-tenant legislation, shut down the state government, and increase his own power.

I told the New York Times last week that Espada represents everything that's wrong with Albany, and that defeating him will be the WFP's number-one, number-two and number-three priority this year.

We've just endorsed a great progressive challenger to Espada, Gustavo Rivera. As the Times reported, we're going to "knock on thousands of doors and recruit leaders of religious, tenants' and civic groups" to let voters know that they finally have a real choice.

But Espada's not going down without a fight. He's funded by Albany lobbyists and big real estate interests, and they'll spend serious cash to keep him in power. That's why we're kicking off our campaign with a major grassroots fundraising push. We want to show Pedro Espada and all of the worst politicians in Albany that thousands of New Yorkers are ready to fight for a state government that actually works for us.

We're asking 1,000 New Yorkers who want change in Albany to donate just $5 each. If you want to chip in, you can donate here.

Espada's constituents in the Bronx are sick of him siding with landlords over tenants and diverting their tax dollars to fund his personal schemes. Espada doesn't even live in his own district, preferring a mansion in the suburbs.

Our candidate, Gustavo Rivera, is a true community leader. He's spent years as an educator, organizer and progressive political leader. Putting him in office will be a huge step toward making Albany work for us.

There's no doubt about it: if we want living wage jobs, stronger hospitals and schools, more affordable rents, lower property taxes, a cleaner environment, and a state government that actually gets things done, politicians like Pedro Espada have got to go.

Just $5 will help us make that happen. Join our campaign.