Want to Get Ahead in Your Career? Consider Hiring a Professional Coach

By: Rebecca Rubin

(Image Source: Thinkstock)

Young women are often told, "Get a mentor." But what happens when mentors are in short supply? Where should a Gen Y woman look for support in her next big career leap?

Enter professional coaching.

In recent years the coaching industry has grown by leaps and bounds, as entrepreneurs and young professionals alike increasingly turn to coaches to take their relationships, health, leadership ability, and income to higher levels. More action-oriented than therapists and possessing greater objectivity (and often availability) than traditional mentors, coaching has become a popular option for women go-getters looking to advance.

Have you considered hiring a professional coach to increase your business's bottom line, make a job transition, or help you land that big promotion you've been eyeing? Here are 5 benefits to working with a professional coach.

1) Clarity around what is and is not working in your career

"It's vitally important to periodically take stock of your work life and ensure what you're creating is aligned with your values and goals," says Katie DePaola, Life Coach and CEO of women's empowerment community, Inner Glow Circle. "One of the biggest advantages to working with a coach is clarifying what it is that you really want, assessing whether or not your current actions are aligned with that vision, and if not, figuring out how to course correct," she says.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often don't take the time to reflect on how satisfied we are with our careers or contemplate bigger picture goals. Coaching provides the perfect opportunity to do just that.

2) Support breaking big goals into bite-sized action steps

Do you yearn to start a business or spend a year travelling the world, but get stuck on the "how"? You're not alone. Student loans and other responsibilities can make larger endeavors feel out of the realm of possibility for many young women.

"When you're faced with obstacles and no one around you is pushing past the norm, it can be hard to see what's possible," says Gen Y life coach Amelia Hoge. "One of the benefits of working with a professional coach is having someone to help you create an action plan for how to get started working toward your larger goals now."

3) Accountability

There's a reason that gym memberships spike in January and then level out the rest of the year. Inner motivation and passion often come in waves, and aren't always sufficient to support sustained changes. One of the major benefits of working with a coach is the sense of built in structure and accountability it provides.

"When you're literally paying someone to help you grow your business or achieve a goal, you're inclined to follow through on commitments in order to make the most of your investment," says performance coach Alison Graddock. "Coaching the best way I've seen for people stay motivated and on-track."

4) Rapid acceleration

It can be hard to recognize our own blind spots until someone points them out to us. Often times what we think will take years could only be months or even weeks away with the right guidance and expertise.

According to success coach Gina Devee, "Coaching helps people collapse the timelines they've set for themselves and take quantum leaps forward. Anyone who is serious about creating results requires access to a coach who can support them to reach their fullest potential and embrace what is truly possible."

5) The ability to maintain a positive mindset.

Possibly the biggest benefit to working with a professional coach is that it helps you maintain an "anything's possible" outlook on life. We all have fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities that have the potential to dramatically hinder our progress and coaching helps us push through when we're feeling uncertain or the chips are down.

According to Performance Coach Alison Graddock, "All too often we give in to our fears, judgments and self-imposed limitations, and a coach is there to help us break past all that and create the lives we really desire!"

Rebecca Rubin is a marketing coach for women entrepreneurs looking to stop being their industry's best-kept secret and start getting visible online. Download her free e-book, "How to Go From Hidden Gem to Hot Commodity" at www.thepursuitoffabulous.com.