Want to Rock the World? Do it in One Surprisingly Simple Step!

Epic and enduring successes all have one thing in common -- they are ragingly authentic. These individuals have connected to the divine within and have tapped into the stream of their unique brilliance, beauty and pure love.

So, who are you, really? I'm not talking about the effigy that appears to have everything perfectly under control, or the persona who has been created, layer-by-layer, through the painful, embarrassing or shameful experiences. I am referring to the authentic you who was there before the experiences of life on earth started shifting your behaviors and perspectives. We all have occasional encounters what our authentic being, but the trick is to chisel through the layers an open up that person to the world so she can be reconnected with who you present to the world every day. That is when genuine and lasting success floods into your life.

Unhappiness stems from living as one person, but knowing the real you is much different. The strain of acting all the time can crush your spirit and steal your joy. The authentic you is much more beautiful, talented and powerful than anything you could fabricate.

You may not think this pertains to you, but think about how much of your daily behavior is learned and how often you do what is expected of you. How much of who you are is a result of trying to be the "one" for to fit with someone else's preferences?

It's human nature to lose touch with that truth within us. It's also human to have a strong desire to be completely authentic and break down the walls of ego and worldly expectation.

Being authentic is liberating and the key to true and lasting success.

Why is Oprah such a success? She has broken down the walls of her ego and chiseled through her outer shell over the years, and what we get to experience is a woman who is completely authentic. There is no acting or behavior to entertain or make certain people happy. Her raw emotions and the words that come out of her mouth are connected to her divine nature. The divine in her connects with the divine nature in each of us, which is why we all love her.

There is absolutely nothing more attractive than a human who has overcome the desire to live for pleasing others and who has reconnected with the spirit within, and then has committed to living authentically each and every day.

It is one of my greatest life's missions to love and encourage people to dig through the layers and reveal their true beauty and brilliance within. When the masses start getting real and living more authentically, there will be a massive shift toward love and compassion in this world. Go do your part!

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