Wanted: 1,000 Good Women!

The Women's Campaign Forum needs you to nominate your favorite potential female, pro-choice candidate to run in the 2008 elections. From local county council to the presidential race, WCF is attacking the massive gender gap in politics with the She Should Run campaign. The She Should Run campaign will recruit 1,000 talented, pro-choice women to get educated, get involved and run for federal, state or local office. Whether Republican or Democrat, local, state or federal, we're committed to getting more pro-choice women on the ballot.

Women are half the population, but currently hold less than a quarter of all elected office in the United States. So think about the women in your life who have the drive, determination and talent our country needs in electoral politics -- and ask them to run. By nominating your potential female candidate at www.sheshouldrun.com , she will immediately join a national network of candidates, campaign experts and elected officials who can help her to take the next step.

Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY-20), who won in an upset election in 2006 against a long term incumbent, credits WCF's support network with giving her the tools she needed to win and to succeed in office. There are thousands of others like her who should be in office, but they need the encouragement and support to get started. Join the campaign and tell the pro-choice woman you admire that... She Should Run!